My name is Joshua Doguet.
I'm a commercial litigator, graphic designer, novice woodworker, and sometimes blogger, who lives in New Orleans.

Joshua Doguet

I was born on a Monday and raised on a crawfish farm in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. I have dedicated most of my life to writing and making things.

For the better part of a decade, I helmed a small creative agency that specialized in website and brand development. My company also launched a short-lived web application, called Crawdata, which helped crawfish farmers manage their daily operations.

I tried to maintain an active connection to design and technology while working towards my law degree. I put together an online reference for the Louisiana Civil Code, published a Comment on Bitcoin's regulatory hurdles, and co-wrote, filmed, and edited our school’s annual sketch comedy show. I also discovered a passion for building and restoring furniture as I prepared for the bar exam.

Today, I practice environmental and toxic tort law at Kuchler Polk, a firm headquartered in The City That Care Forgot. My essays can be found on So It Goes, a blog I run with a friend and former classmate.